Are You Owed Money From A Class-Action Lawsuit? Find Settlements & Rebates You May Be Eligible For!

Are You Owed Money From A Class-Action Lawsuit? Find Settlements & Rebates You May Be Eligible For!

Equifax Information Services Class Action Settlement
Settlement Deadline: January 24, 2024

Have you used Equifax for a credit report? Equifax Information Services LLC has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit that accused the company of violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by providing consumer credit reports that did not properly identify the source of public record information.

Plaintiffs are consumers who requested a copy of credit file disclosures from Equifax. At the time of the requests, their credit file disclosures contained one or more public record items (such as a bankruptcy, lien or judgment). Equifax did not identify its public records vendor(s) as the source(s) of the public record information consumer credit file disclosures it provided to Plaintiffs. Plaintiffs sued Equifax because they believe that this violated the FCRA.

If the Court approves the settlement, you are entitled to 18 months of EQUIFAX CREDIT WATCH GOLD WITH SCORES credit monitoring service at no cost to you. The retail monetary value of this service is $269.10. You will have online access to your Equifax credit report and a credit score at no cost to you for the entire 18 month period. Equifax will substantially change the manner in which it reports public records in the credit file disclosures of all consumers to include the name and address of the vendor that provides the public record and it will change the way that it handles consumer disputes of such records.

January 24, 2024

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