Are You Owed Money From A Class-Action Lawsuit? Find Settlements & Rebates You May Be Eligible For!

Are You Owed Money From A Class-Action Lawsuit? Find Settlements & Rebates You May Be Eligible For!

What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

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A class action is when one individual or a group of individuals sue a defendant on behalf of a larger group of people, referred to as a “class.”  The goal of such a lawsuit would be to hold a company accountable for damages sustained by fraudulent, neglectful, or harmful actions of the company, and to help the afflicted consumers recover. 

Many times, you don’t even realize you are part of a class action. Many class actions revolve around common MEDICATIONS people take, SHOPPING, CARS you drive or lease, and even FOOD from grocery stores or restaurant chains. Don't miss out on your chance to claim the cash you deserve! Click HERE to search for every open case now to find out what you are eligible to claim.

While the specific reason or cause of class action can vary widely, there are a few requirements that must be met:

  • Commonality - The suit needs to encompass the same/very similar issues, therefore making it more efficient to deal with the claims together, at once. An example would be if a couple hundred people made claims that a faulty switch on a washing machine caused fires in their homes.
  • Adequacy- It’s the court's job to ensure that the class receives a good and fair representation to ensure the best interests of the class are met.  Generally, very competent lawyers are used for class action suits.
  • Numbers - There have to be so many people filing this claim against the defendant that it would make it impractical to file individually.  A class can vary from hundreds to thousands of people involved.
Here Are Some Companies That Have Paid Out Millions Of Dollars in Claims:
Progressive Insurance Red Robin Radio Shack RJ Reynolds Tobacco Ford Motor Company Sears Roebuck Verizon Wireless Family Dollar Stores
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